Bridal Plan


Set Plan for dressing for wedding ceremony of a bride and a bridegroom
Set plan menu

※ additional cost of ¥10,000 for changing Kimono of a bridegroom is required.

For a bride: dressing /hair set/make up

For a bridegroom: dressing/hair set


 (without tax)

Plan B⇒¥60,000
For a bride: dressing /hair set / make up

For a bridegroom: dressing/ hair set

Attendant services to a bride



(without tax)

Plan C
For a bride: dressing /hair set / make up

For a bridegroom: dressing/ hair set

Ohikiage, Photography (DVD photo movie/Album book of 20 to 30 pictures/Album with the mounted photograph of two spread pages of 2 or 3 pictures)


(without tax)

 Plan D
Plan C + Tomesode dressing for mother of a bride and bridegroom/

Hair set and make up (2 persons)


(without tax)

※The basic service time for Plan A is 4 hours and a half, starting from the time of Kimono dressing (attendant service to a bride when entering wedding reception party may be available within the service time)

※The basic service time for Plan B, C and D is 8 hours from the starting time of Kimono dressing.

※All plans above include our transportation fee provided that the wedding hall is within 15km (one way) from Hachioji Station. We need to know in advance the distance between the wedding hall to Hachioji Station.

※ advance payment on the day is required.

※「Kaizoe-nin」means “attendant to a bride” to suport her move easily in Kimono.  

※「Ohikiage」means “support service after wedding ceremony”, such as changing cloth, hair set to make it back, picking up the bridal costumes, etc.

※All plans above include dressing Kimono. The additional cost for rental of Kimono and Hair wig is required. Rental services for White-Uchikake and Color-Uchikake are available for additional cost of 10,000 yen. 

※“Uchikake”means woman’s formal Japanese overgarment.

※As for hair set, additional fee ¥7,000 for “SHIN-NIHONGAMI hair style”

※Rental services for the wedding costume for Furisode, men’s Hakama, etc. are available.

※Pre-meeting services for dressing and hair set via phone or e-mail are available. But “¥10,000 + tax” is required for additional meeting or rehearsal.

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