Salon Partnership

Our cooperative Beauty Salon

●In making a reservation of Kimono dressing, you can also make a reservation of “Hair set and make-up “of our cooperative beauty salon at their offered price.
●If you directly make a reservation of Hair set and make-up of our affiliated beauty salon, please request Kimono dressing is to be at “KITSUKEYA”.







Tel: 042-631-6553
Open-close 10:00 AM to 20:00
Closed day: every Tuesday
Reservation on the day is available

NOAH’s ARK is famous for their services with courtesy counseling, certain skills and best treatment according to the individual’s hair type, popular from young people to adults. You can enjoy the luxurious space there.


You can feel relaxed at MODE K’s with their luxurious interior, space, their hospitality and certain skill.

Tel: 042-660-1033
Add: 2F 4-6-13 Myoujin-cho, Hachiouji City (near the Hachioji Station of Keio-Line)



They offer courteous counseling services and are famous for their certain skills giving you “the best hair style as requested”.

As for prices, please directly ask them or contact through their website.

Location: in front of Keio-Hachioji Station (6th floor of the building having misterDonut at the 1st floor)
TEL: 042-649-4036
Add: 6F of GLASSCITY buiding, 4-6-1 Myoujin-Cho, Hachiouji-city, Tokyo
Open from 9:00AM~19:00 (Last reception )
Closed day:every Tuesday


KITSUKE-YA090-8046-1476 Kyoko UENO