On site services for Kimono dressing Top

 「KITSUKEYA」 ~On-site services at your places for Kimono dressing~We provide our on-site services for Kimono dressing mainly around Hachioji city.

Our motto is “Dressing you with Kimono in best fitting way”, beautifully sustaining a form in Kimono not losing its shape for a long time.

On-site services

We go to your places, for instance, your home, schools, shops, and at any events venues like ceremonial hall, funeral hall, etc. Kimono dressing services for “Shichi-go-san” is also available.

Dressing for Bride (we have set plan)
Our -on-site services are available at the places within about 30 minutes by car from Hachioji Station, such as Toyoda, Hino, Aihara, Hashimoto, Sagamihara, Haijima, Akishima (other areas like Tokyo’s 23 wards and Kanagawa, negotiable)

※We have a cooperative photo studio and a photographer to take the photos of your special memorable occasion in Kimono.


Examples※We keep posting more pictures of Kimono to our Facebook. Please check it up.

★Yukata lesson is available as requested.

※To the owner of Hair Salon looking for Kitsuke-shi (Kimono Dressers)
We are now looking for Hair Salons to cooperate with. Please contact us.


[KITSUKE-YA ]Okado-machi, Hachiouji  090-8046-1476 (Kyoko UENO)