On-site services for Kimono dressing/Price lists

Price Lists for on-site services for Kimono dressing

KITSUKE-YA090-8046-1476 Kyoko UENO

Furisode ¥6,000   Houmongi ¥5,000
Tomesode ¥5,000   Iromuji ¥5,000
Mofuku ¥5,000   Onnabakama  ¥4,000
Komon ¥5,000   Otokobakama  ¥4,000
Yukata ¥4,000  Dressing for men ¥4,000
Dressing for 7-year old girl / five year-old boy¥5,000
Kids of age 3(Hihu) ¥4,000*

(※¥4,000 →¥1500: in the case with Kimono dressing)

Make up for kids of age 3 and 7¥1,500   For adults ¥1,500
Putting on Han-Eri ¥2,000

+¥1,000 for Kawari-musubi for Komon, Houmongi, Iromuji and Kimono with Kawarimusubi for 7-year old girl

★+¥8,000 for Dressing of Furisode for a coming age ceremony★

 Nagajuban with Han-eri is required (additional fee for putting on Eri) 

★Campaign price for Yukata dressing:¥3,000(¥2,500 per parson for the group of more than 2 persons)★

Extra time charge

Extra charge will be incurred depending on the starting time of dressing
Starting time of around 4:00 am: +¥2500
Starting time of around 5:00 am: +¥2000
Starting time of around 6:00 am: +¥1500
Starting time of around 7:00 am or around 7:00 pm: +¥1000
(No early morning fee is required for starting time of 8:00 am)


Transportation fee for on-site services

About ¥1,000~¥2,000 within Hachioji City (the fee for round-trip within 10km is between¥1,000~¥1,500 )
About ¥2,000~ for the cities near Hachioji, such as TOYODA, HINO, TACHIKAWA, AKISHIMA, HAIJIMA, SAGAMIHARA, TAKAO
About ¥2,000~¥3,000 for Other areas (depending on the distance)

■Areas available
Though we provide our on-site services of dressing mainly around the area within a 30km radius of Hachioji, other areas are negotiable.

Ex). Hotels below in Hachioji is available

Keio-Plaza Hotel / Hatiouji Hotel New Grand / The b Hachioji / (the former Hachioji Plaza Hotel) / Hachioji Sky Hotel / MarRoaD Inn Hachioji / Sankei City Hotel / R & B Hotel / C’s Inn Hotel / Hachioji Urban Hotel/ Sun Hotel Hachioji / Toyoko Inn

Means of transportation
Basically, we use our car to go to your places. If there is no appropriate space for parking, additional fee for actual cost for a toll parking lot.

■Cancellation policy
80% of cancellation fee will be incurred for the cancellation on the day.