On-site lesson for Kimono dressing

Try our on-site services for Kimono dressing lesson.

At your home, at your pace, why don’t you have Kimono dressing lesson?

If you can put on Kimono by yourself, you can have more chances to go out in Kimono.

You can learn how to put on Kimono by yourself easily and quickly and the way not to make it become loose for a long time. We can be of any help to you to learn how you would like to wear Kimono. At first, your motivation such as “I want to try!” is enough. Please enjoy our one-on-one lesson!



★lesson for Kimono Dresser★
2 hours for one lesson: ¥5,000 for the original curriculum for those who want to work as a Kimono Dresser

★One point lesson★
On-site services for “one-on-one lesson” for those who want to learn how to put on Kimono for a short period. We provide our lesson services with the original curriculum as you requested.

Example of Lesson Curriculum (total 2 lessons / 2 hours per lesson)
First lesson: explanation about small items necessary for Kimono dressing and how to wear Han-eri, how to adjust Kimono to your body size and how to wear Naga-jyuban

Second Lesson: How to put on Kimono and how to tie Obi
We can provide our lesson with the original curriculum as you                   requested. Total fee: ¥10,000

One day lesson for Yukata Dressing
If you can wear Yukata by yourself, going out in Yukata will become more fun.
2 hours for one lesson
*How to wear
*How to tie beautifully arranged Obi for Yukata
Total: ¥5,000ー

Lesson with the original curriculum
2 hours for one lesson: ¥5,000
※You can learn about various kinds of Kimono and Obi, and how to choose the suitable kimono according to the situation.

※According to your lesson pace, the change of lesson curriculum is always available.

※Sample Lessons: lessons from dressing of Yukata, lessons for dressing of Komon or Houmongi, or for beauticians who want to improve the skill.


monthly one on one lesson
once           ¥5,000
two times      ¥9,500
three times     ¥14,000
four times       ¥18,000

※Our transportation fee is included for the lessons provided at around Hachioji station. On site lessons at the other places require our transportation fee.

※Discount services is available for the group of more than two persons

※Please let us know in advance about your places where you want to have lessons (our shop: Komoncyo, Hachiouji)

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