On-site services for hair set

 On-site services for hair set 「KITSUKAEYA」
090-8046-1476 (Kyoko UENO)

Reservation of Hair set is also available together with Dressing Kimono

¥2,000: Campaign price for women with short hair

¥3,000: Hair set for updo style/ Campaign price for women with long hair (curl and backcombed)

*Required Time: about 45 minutes for updo style (varies depending on the length of hair)


Examples of Hair Set (KITSUKE-YA)


Visit your places →Hair styling →Kimono dressing

Regarding the available day, please consult in advance. We may start from dressing according to the starting time and the number of people.

We bring hair styling items such as hot curler, and then start.

Get beautiful hair style exactly suitable for Kimono! We can meet your request

※We have cooperative licensed beauticians (around Hachioji city is available). Please let us know if you want to make a reservation of hair set by the beautician.

Prices ・・・・・・
Hair set by beautician mainly around Hachioji city

Updo style:¥4,500 Hair set for women with short hair:¥3,500

Updo style¥4,000  Hair set for women with short hair ¥3,000 for additional per person

Please be advised that the reservation only for hair set is not available.

*Required Time: about 40 minutes for updo style (depending on the length of hair)

 Example (by  beautician)